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I just wanna take this time to go ahead and appreciate the Latin-American community for doing what normal award shows don’t do. This is Calle 13 back in 2011 I believe after winning a total of nine grammys for the night for their album Entren Los Que Quieran. I think it’s cool that a hip-hop group could actually be created around the ideas of pushing their political views to the public eye to make society more aware of things like dishonest politicians along with uplifting messages that make people wanna do more to give to their communities and be proud of themselves.

I feel like this type of praise generally comes from the fact that Latinos actually understand how important lyricism is on top of acknowledging that some people are really using their music to channel positive messages to the world. If only the United States and their award shows recognized talent similar to this as opposed to giving it out to (a lot of the times but not always) music that has no great social impact aside from being on the radio year-round.

Nine grammys for hip-hop…nine.


the long-awaited robul version of this comic by kate beaton

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Netherlands & Belgium

Imagine Belgium going out to try and get Netherlands a girlfriend like
Belgium:Hey look at her! She's pretty.
Netherlands:Pretty expensive.

By Himaruya Hidekaz!

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Reblog this for a drawing of a hetalia character that reminds me of u based on ur blog content



l3puscoz asked:
1. Do you want a boyfriend or girlfriend? 9. What should you be doing right now? 28. Are you a forgiving person? And.... 39! 3 names you go by...

Hiiiiiiiiiiii! :3
1. Do you want a boyfriend or girlfriend?
Hahahahaha no.
9. What should you be doing right now?
28. Are you a forgiving person?
Ehhhhhhh, Maybe (yEs)
39. 3 names you go by…
Idk so spain rules
THANKS FOR ASKKKKKK! :’DDDD Have a nice day!

denhara asked:
Y después de mis vacaciones, ¡vuelvo a mi trabajo de acosadora! (Porque aunque no me paguen es mi trabajo, ¿no? ¡Alguien lo DEBE hacer!) Que me desvío del tema, a lo que iba. ¡8, 18, 29 y 35! *Huye croqueteando*

JAJAJAJAJAJA Tonta ere, chavala. Se te echaba de menos por mi ask (como está el resto del año VACÍO pues, se nota xD) ;3
8: Do you cry easily?
No. En público, es prácticamente imposible que me veas llorar, a menos que sea de la risa, eso esta asegurado xD Peeeeeero con la familia y tal pues lloro más fácilmente y por que cualquier tontería más que nada.
18.When was the last time you smiled?
Cuando he visto tu ask ❤❤ Pa lo pocos que tengo, los que me dejáis se aprecian
29.How many TRUE friends do you have?
Joe macho, no se decirte. Tener tengo pero paso de contarlo que quieres que te diga. A parte que te vas dando cuenta de que verdaderos verdadaderos ni tu misma lo eres, así que a ver quien lo es. Yo que se. Vais a matar.
35.If you could move somewhere else, would you?
PSSSS PSSSS PSSSSSea, ahora mismo no pero de mayor tranquila que me piro a otro lado como la mayoría de gente. Es ley de vida.
Bye, Bye corason~



It’s 2014.

Stop making APH England shorter than APH France.


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